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***How to Apply***

Although COLT applications are accepted any semester (Summer, Fall or Spring), the program officially begins with the first course in summer. Deadlines for applications are:

* Summer/Fall Deadline is March 1
* Spring Deadline is November 1

Follow the steps below to apply:

1. Apply to Graduate Division. The link to apply is:

2. Submit an Intent to Apply form to ETEC. Instructions to complete are in the form. The link to the form is:
Intent to Apply Form

Please direct questions or requests for additional information to the program coordinator, Dr. Mike Menchaca.

Graduate Certificate in Online Learning & Teaching (COLT)

Since Summer 2009, ETEC has offered a departmental graduate Certificate in Online Learning and Teaching (COLT). Beginning in Fall 2012, the program is now an official Graduate Division certificate. Information on the program is provided below and specifics on "How to Apply" including deadlines are on the right.

COLT provides those who desire to deliver learning materials at a distance with the foundational knowledge and skills required to design, develop and implement effective materials for e-learning. This program sequence begins in summer with the first course: ETEC 612. The program is 15 credits (three required courses and two elective courses) and requires a culminating project as part of the final course (see below). The program may be completed in one year and all courses are completely online.

     Table 1: Recommended Sequence for COLT Program

Three Required Courses
Note: You cannot substitute required courses
unless with COLT advisor approval.

Two Example Electives
Note: ETEC will provide at least one elective per semester. These are only examples.

ETEC 612: Introduction to E-Learning [Summer]: This course will focus on an overview as well as practical issues of online learning and will include web design.


ETEC 673: Planning for Technology and Resources [Fall]: This course will focus on planning for high quality online courses including selecting and evaluating appropriate material, learning activities, and assessment instruments.

ETEC 622: E-Learning Theory and Design [Fall]: This course will focus on theoretic and practical design of instruction for advanced online delivery including interactive tools.

ETEC 632: Development E-Learning Environments [Spring]: This course will focus on developing online instruction for educational and training settings including designing learning management solutions.
Note: This course must be taken last (or concurrently in the last 6 credits) and requires 673 or instructor approval.

ETEC 651: Interactive Multimedia Production [Spring]: This course will focus on designing and creating instructional materials using multimedia authoring tools such as video, animation, sound, and graphics.

Please direct questions or requests for additional information to the program coordinator, Dr. Mike Menchaca.